For Employers

Company Overview

We are a firm with 15 years experience in the staffing industry.


Our primary vision is to show clients how to be more efficient by matching the skill with a qualified employee


After analyzing many businesses on size, volume and urgency, we believe that quality always pays off.


Our company uses advanced technology such as websites and special databases that facilitate our recruiting process.

Application Process

AVR Group's general selection process for all applicants is as follows:

  1. Application
  2. Drug Abuse Screen
  3. I-9
  4. W-4
  5. Social Security Check
  6. Background Check Verification
  7. Reference Verification
  8. Safety Test
  9. Orientation

AVR Group LLC will use a sub-contract company as needed for recruiting purposes.

For more information on how AVR Group, LLC can help your company fulfill its staffing needs, please Contact Us.

For a copy of our Small Business Certification, please click here.